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Rhineland- Palatinate-----------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

842771c0-b695-11e8-9fd5-03faf3ae54d7.jpg996007f0-b695-11e8-9fd5-03faf3ae54d7.jpgb467bd40-b695-11e8-9fd5-03faf3ae54d7.jpgdb6fa6f0-b695-11e8-9fd5-03faf3ae54d7.jpgf40dfd60-b695-11e8-9834-8b9f51402e3f.jpg8bf8fe20-b675-11e8-b2bf-195cd3a9f668.jpg4a0ac9d0-b675-11e8-b2bf-195cd3a9f668.jpg5d0e0970-b675-11e8-b2bf-195cd3a9f668.jpg80cf2c90-b675-11e8-b2bf-195cd3a9f668.jpg9fa1cc90-b675-11e8-b2bf-195cd3a9f668.jpglarge_364afec0-b5b6-11e8-8993-e1f81ce4737d.jpg-------Porta Nigra Trier Germany.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trier is in Rhineland-Palatinate Germany near the Luxembourg border, and dates from Roman times. The building that stands out is the Porta Nigra a huge roman gateway entrance to the city. I t was constructed in 170 AD in grey sandstone now turned black. In Roman times there were 4 gateways. The Porta Nigra is open to the public. Some just call it the Black Gate because of its colour. Trier is an interesting place with a cathedral, roman baths,Basilica,Electoral Palace,nice buildings in town and good cafes and pubs.10e0fbb0-b5b8-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg229d3c60-b5b8-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg47d484c0-b5b8-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpgb4dafae0-b5b8-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg-------I had arrived in Trier at the Central rail station, there are direct trains to Saarbrucken, Luxembourg, Cologne, Metz and Mannheim.-----There is tour bus, and toy tourist train for trips round Trier, i found this a good idea to see the interesting places to go back too. The High Cathedral of St, Peter in Trier is a Roman Catholic church in Liebfrauenstrasse. It was built on a former Roman Palace. The cathedral is 112m long and 41m wide. The cathedral annex houses the "Holy Robe"of Christ relic. When i was here just at the front door outside was a office with a digitel pen writing the New Testament.03a88e10-b5bb-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg0e392ce0-b5bb-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg223b17d0-b5bb-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg2da15620-b5bb-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg4603b500-b5bb-11e8-ba87-2f117c0db758.jpg84678a10-b5bb-11e8-969b-331c3fa5f36f.jpg-------------------The Basilica of Constantine of Trier was built a the beginning of the 4th century.--- The Electoral Palace is surrounded by lovely gardens. The Roman Bath now ruins were built in the 4th century. The public can visit. The boiler rooms are still visible.-----------I TRAVELLED BY TRAIN IN GERMANY USING A DB REGI0NAL TICKET. THIS IS VALID FROM 9 AM TO 3 AM ,AS MANY JOURNEYS AS YOU LIKE. IN THE FEDERAL STATES . e.g RHINELAND-PALATINATE , SAXONY, OR SAARLAND ETC. I BELIEVE MY TICKET WAS ABOUT 24 EURO. -----SEE THE DB WEB SITE FOR INFO. bahn.de------I used Trier as a base to take day trips from. A train ride to Cochem takes about an hour. A longer trip is to Rudeshelm taking 3 hours with a change at Koblenz, this may sound a long time but the scenery along the way is lovely. i also took the short trip to Saarburg a pretty place.

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